For Professional Management Consultants

Run a busy consultancy business?

Learn how to reduce your consultancy administration while delivering better projects.

What We Do

Learn how to reduce your consultancy administration while delivering better projects.  At Taurus Projects we pride ourselves on delivering first-class business management services for consultants. We deliver across the entire project supply chain to assist your businesses success and growth.


We provide end-to-end support on all aspects of your company administration so that you never have to worry about tax returns, late filing fees or compliance.


Our services ensure you work with the best contracts and employment frameworks so that you can integrate and work seamlessly with your individual clients.


Consistent and professional advice is always on hand, tailored to your unique industry and circumstances, so that you can plan ahead to grow your business with confidence.

Why Choose Us

The most important thing as a consultant is your next contract. Our service ensures continuity while reducing your administration.

Professional Staff

Our team only work with professional contractors like you and know how and when to communicate with you.

Efficient Services

We only take the minimum time to keep your consultancy business running smoothly with fast, effective service delivery.

Reduced Administration

Using our service you never have to worry about late night, last minute paperwork. We do all the day-to-day administration leaving you free to do what you do best.

Business & Career Advice

We only give the best advice to further your career and keep you business running efficiently and cost effectively.